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Extreme Offshore Sdn. Bhd was incorporated under Company Act 1965 on May, 2013 and is wholly owned (100%) by Bumiputra. Extreme Offshore Sdn. Bhd started its business by providing Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electrical and Fiber Optic and Technical Consultancy services in water treatments systems (Cooling & Boiler Water) to clients mainly within Malaysia region. The company plans to expand its business coverage to local regions in Malaysia and other Global locations.

Project Experience

No Project Name Client Project Date
1 Rental Test Equipment Pioneer 23.May.2013
2 To supply Bain-Marie Heater Natural Places 26.Jun.2013
3 Supply manpower for testing fiber optic Hundai Engineering co.,LTD 28.Jun.2013
4 Manpower supply for Troubleshooting work at Ethylene Kurita Water 28.Jun.2013
5 Rental Hart 375 RHS 8.July.2013
6 To supply manpower and cable ladder at CUFG Multi Trada Alam 9.July.2013
7 Supply material and manpower for install New Cable Ladder at CUFG Multi Trada Alam 28.Jun.2013
8 Manpower supply for passivation project in MTBE (EB – 1716A) Kurita Water 15.Jul.2013
9 Manpower supply for passivation project in MTBE  (E – 1201A) Kurita Water 19.Jul.2013
10 To supply manpower for Baram Sko Electro Serve 30.Aug.2013
11 To install new Ex lamp for EPCC of Fire Wall Di Petro Sdn Bhd 2 Sep 2013
12 To supply N2 gas cylinder Ben Line 11 Sep 2013
13  To supply manpower for Ammonia Kerteh project. Electro Serve 25 Sep 2013
14 To Supply Methanol Industrial Gred Ben Line 2 Oct 2013
15 To supply Propane  Gas Ben Line 2 Oct 2013
16 Supply Manpower for relocate Panel - INSTEP Honeywell 8 Oct 2013
17 To Supply Manpower for Pulai A Elektro Serve 3 Dec 2013
18 To Supply manpower for Fiber Optic at ExxonMobil Honeywell 15 Dec 2013
19 To supply cable roller Honeywell 20 Dec 2013
20 To Supply E&I Technician for replacement Instrument Juntion Box at Murphy Honeywell 26 Dec 2013
21 Supply and install junction box and equipment for EPPC Of Upstream and Downstream Theme Park INSTEP, Terengganu Honeywell 28 Dec 2013
22 Supply & install new junction box and replacement work of 3200A EDO Operated L&T ACB OOSB 24 Jan 2014
23 Supply manpower for Baronia Bravo Elektro Serve 24 Jan 2014
24 Supply N2 gas 200 bar in cylinder Ben Line 11 Feb 2014
25 Supply and install junction box and material for cooling tower motor systems MNI 17 Feb 2014
26 Supply manpower for Pulai BO Elektro Serve 22 Feb 2014
27 Supply portable toilet Norlan 24 Feb 2014
28 Supply manpower and material for junction box & battery charger replacement project in PEMSB UTS 3 Mar 2014
29 Supply flash light Toray 4 Mar 2014
30 Protection Relay Calibration Project Tioxide Mar 2014
31 Perform coring activities at GPPB Asaga 9 Mar 2014
32 Supply manpower for MCOT Elektro Serve Mar 2014
33 Tubing replacement at Jerneh platform Inland Mar 2014
34 Supply manpower Era Sepadu 28 Apr 2014
35 Rental equipment HART 275 ZSR Apr May 2014
36 Supply manpower for Kanowit project Elektro Serve 2 May 2014
37 Supply manpower & material for Battery Charger and Junction Box Replacement at CUFG UTS 5 May 2014
38 Supply manpower for ADTECH project Inland 7 May 2014
39 Supply manpower for MCOT project Elektro Serve 9 May 2014
40 Supply Manpower for replacement Junction Box at Dulang Project Cosinus Energy 3 June 2014
41 Supply Junction Box and Electrical work for PIP Hopper Improvement Project Vestheights Engineering June 2014
42 Supply Nitrogen and Propane Gas Emas Offshore July 2014
43 Supply Container (10X40) & Junction Box Emas Offshore July 2014
44 Installation Lamp Pole and Junction Box at GPP A DiPetro Synergy July 2014
45 Coring work at GPP A Shinryo(M) Sdn Bhd July 2014
46 Supply manpower for PDB Deport Miri Cosinus Energy July 2014
47 Supply manpower for replaces Junction Box at GPP A Project Duta Berkat Aug 2014
48 Supply of galve U-Bolt c/w buts Emas Offshore Sep 2014
49 Supply Semikron rectifier 110 VAC/110 VOC Tioxide Sep 2014
50 Supply of Blade Fuse Petrofac Oct 2014
51 Repair office cabin project at BASF Port Honeywell Oct 2014
52 Calibrate SPAJ 140C Relay Tioxide Nov 2014
53 Supply Eex Junction Box-Rose Alpha Fable Nov 2014
54 Supply Emergency Lighting and electrical consumable Petrofac Nov 2014
55 Cable detection / surveyor job at GPP A DiPetro Nov 2014
56 Supply of common tools & container (8X20) Daya Secadyme Nov 2014
57 Transformer Oil Filtration analysis Tioxide Nov 2014
58 11Kv & 3.3Kv HT termination and testing OOSB Nov 2014
59 Electrical maintenance work at Kanowit Elektro Serve Nov 2014
60 Fabricate and supply of Sunshade for instrument transmitter Petrofac Dec 2014
61 To conduct inspection, service and modification job at Shapadu Offshores Industries Sdn Bhd Dec 2014
62 To build temporary site office building RGT2 at Pengerang Johor Science Tech Solution Sdn Bhd Jan 2015
63 To supply QC team for PPMSB Project Science Tech Solution Sdn Bhd Jan 2015
64 To fabricate and supply Living Quarters for Murphy Oil Miri Petro Traders Sdn Bhd Jan 2015
65 To supply and deliver cable ties PBJV Group Sdn Bhd Jan 2015
66 To supply and deliver copeland 3SSH-1599-TFD202 Alpha Fable Sdn Bhd Jan 2015
67 To supply cable tray SS316 Afiqa Energy Enterprise Jan 2015
68 Provision to supply Nitrogen Gas & Cylinder Energy Service Innovation(M) Sdn Bhd Feb 2015
69 Service Contract Agreement for supply Manpower (1Year + 1Year) TriSystem Engineering Sdn Bhd Feb 2015
70 To supply and deliver Ammeter Alpha Fable Sdn Bhd Feb 2015
71 To supply manpower and equipment for installation and testing electrical work at AMMONIA Tepoh Construction Sdn Bhd Feb 2015
72 Provision of Detailed Engineering Design for TCOT Power System Upgrade System Ranhill Worley Parsons Sdn Bhd Feb 2015
73 MCC additional work Mohd Shafiq Abbas Feb 2015
74 Field Instrument Upgrade (package 1) at TCOT and OSC Ranhill Worley Parsons Sdn Bhd Feb 2015
75 To supply relay timer idec Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd Feb 2015
76 Provision of Detailed Engineering Design for TCOT Field Instrument System Ranhill Worley Parsons Sdn Bhd Mar 2015
77 To supply cable 2C X 10mm Shapadu Energy & Engineering Sdn Bhd Mac 2015
78 To supply storage for equipment and tank Energy Service Innovations(M) Sdn Bhd Mac 2015
79 To supply manpower for PCFKSB UBF Maintenance Sdn Bhd Mac 2015
80 To supply MCCB for Tapis C platform Kencana HL Sdn Bhd Mac 2015
81 To supply MTL 5042 and MTL 7764 to Labuan Sarawak Shell Berhad Mac 2015
82 To supply MCCB, ABB Kertih Port Sdn Bhd Mac 2015
83 To supply MCCB for Electro Chlorination Panel Petrofac (Malaysia-PM304) Limited Mac 2015
84 Manpower supply for SKO D35 G400 Elektro Serve (M) Sdn Bhd Mac 2015
85 To supply Isolator ,Gulv ,Robust Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd Mac 2015
86 Supply of PVC insulated cable Honeywell Engineering Sdn Bhd Apr 2015
87 To supply manpower for calibrate pressure Transmitter at GPK Plant,Kerteh Kemaman DiPetro Synergy Sdn Bhd Apr 2015
88 To supply manpower and equipment for replaces and install new JB at Petlin Offshore Industries Sdn Bhd Apr 2015
89 Supply rain coat,safety shoes,mirror,plastic box,hanger,pad lock Hospital Kemaman Apr 2015
90 Supply pheonix contact items to KSB Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd Apr 2015
91 Rental Process meter,787 (fluke) NK maintenace & Trading Sdn Bhd Apr 2015
92 To do temporary remove instrument R2250 at Arcrilic BASF CR Asia (M) Sdn Bhd Apr 2015
93 To supply manpower for installation JB Offshore Industries Sdn Bhd May 2015
94 To supply manpower and material for wiring and installation of electrical work at RGT2 Science Tech Solution Sdn Bhd July 2015
95 To supply manpower and material for EPCC OF WATER COOLER HEAT EXCHANGERS INSTALLATION at GPP2,GPP3,GPP4 & GPK Terengganu DiPetro Synergy Sdn Bhd July 2015
96 MSD 15 cabling work Flowmeter 266FT010 & 266FT001 Tioxide (M) Sdn Bhd July 2015
97 Supply Cable Tagging, Panel Sticker BMS Integrated Services Sdn Bhd Aug 2015
98 To do temporary site office building RGT2 at Pengerang Johor Science-Tech Solution Sdn Bhd Aug 2015
99 MOV distribution panel Offshore Industries Sdn Bhd Aug 2015
100 To supply manpower and material for install Air Conditioning at SC&T,Warehouse,Labarotary,Surau,Guard House,Training Centre,Canteen Science-Tech Solutions Sdn Bhd Aug 2015
101 MSD 15 to install VSD EMKP Tioxide (M) Sdn Bhd Aug 2015
102 MSD 15 Cabling Work Raw Water Pump Tioxide (M) Sdn Bhd Aug 2015
103 Provision of Civil Work for Temporary Site Office Building RGT2 Project,Pengerang Science-Tech Solutions Sdn Bhd Sep 2015
104 To supply manpower and material for wiring & install (Ambulance/Genset Shelter) Science-Tech Solutions Sdn Bhd Oct 2015
105 Manpower supply for Install New Panel Topaz Integrated Sdn Bhd Oct 2015
106 To supply manpower and materials for wiring and install (Guard House) Science-Tech Solutions Sdn Bhd Oct 2015
107 Manpower supply Tok Bali Supply Base H2S Oil & Gas Services Sdn Bhd Oct 2015
108 To supply and install M & E602112SJ INGERSOLL-RAND MALAYSIA CO. Sdn Bhd Oct 2015
109 Rental of Infrared Thermometer & Digital Clamp Meter Ram-Bytes Sdn Bhd Oct 2015
110 Provision of Performing Cleaning for material and equipment used in Oxygen-Enriched Environment at ASU Plant,Utilities Kerteh(UK),PGB Kerteh Kemaman Petronas Gas Berhad Oct 2015
111 Supply Manpower & Material for modification Bus Bar Box Offshore Industries Sdn Bhd Nov 2015



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